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About Me


Welcome! Welcome!
I am Elyssa, and I am thrilled you have stopped by to view my work. After a hiatus, I am back in a creative mindset with my job and hobbies. Currently, I work at MEDIC Regional Blood Center in Knoxville, Tennessee. My official title is Communications Coordinator. I am a content creator for our social media pages and education. I actively write, produce, and edit educational materials on blood donation, blood illnesses, and how blood treats disease. I am also actively building a digital and physical museum for MEDIC. See my work page for examples of my work at MEDIC.

I graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2017 with a bachelor's in video production. I also graduated with a minor in military history. My specialties in college were documentary and creative directing, sound design, and screenwriting. Following college, I gained nearly two years of professional experience in local news, true crime, and nonprofit communications. In addition, I have practiced filmmaking as a hobby since I was a child, making tiny documentaries about racehorses and American history. 


I look forward to working with you!

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